After careful consideration, I have decided to move on from Rogues Only and start my own site but I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye and thanking those of you who took the time to read my reviews and follow me through Word Press, Twitter , Facebook or email. Whether you followed me or only read an article once, whether you commented or liked a review, whether you agreed with me or not…sincerely, thank you.

This all started as a favor to a friend and a way to get back in the habit of writing on a regular basis, but along the way I reignited a dormant passion for film. This wasn’t heavily promoted or financially backed endeavour in any way…obviously, but I wanted to share that passion with anyone who wanted to read about it. As I go through this transition period, I’ll be wrapping up any loose end reviews left over from 2017 with Rogues Only. All new 2018 reviews (there’s a couple so far) will be on my new site I’m going to continue to do film reviews (hopefully with a more consistent schedule), along with ventures into sports, literature, music and perhaps more. The new site is certainly still a work in progress, but I’ll still bring the same critical eye and sense of humor with me and just figure out the rest along the way. Once all the 2017 stragglers are finished here on Rogues, there will be the first annual Sheist Movie Awards in which I will make all my picks for the best films and performances of the year, along with some oddball categories like Biggest Disappointment and Most Original.

When the time comes to leave for good at the end of February, I’ll make sure to include a link to the new site for anyone who wants to check out the 2017 awards. Again, thank you all for you time, patience and your shared enjoyment of the cinema. See you at the movies!